Vital Living Fitness & Health Program



Begin with a one month trial and then choose from our 3 month, 6 month or 12 month packages and/or plan to progress through each block so by the end of the year you will transform your body completely to get the body you have always wanted..


You can achieve amazing results  in no time at all with these scheduled progressive training blocks – that if followed progressively through the year will completely transform your body - guaranteed. 


The exercises done at your own pace and at any fitness level are up tp 9 times more effective than standard training, You will do a variety of challenging exercise routines that are FUN and probably have never seen before. You will love it and never get bored.

This uses the most effective exercises around, which is why so many professional sports teams, athletes, trainers, coaches and the military include it in their workouts to achieve high-level conditioning and ripped physiques. It is a great way to shock the body and shake things up and give a full body workout, burn a ton of calories, and get your metabolism going like crazy and sculpt the body and increase stamina – and strength. Regardless of skill level, you can burn over 1,000 calories in just one session. Best of all - you will have fun! It is a truly EPIC workout!


Each session will be in a semi private small group personal training setting with strictly limited participants, with other like- minded individuals. Most importantly you will get close attention throughout. And in addition, everyone can participate at their, his or her own level so it does not matter what shape you’re you are in…

Ladies, you will be able to celebrate being slimmer, stronger and sexier - and fitter - and a more confident woman who looks great and is full of energy. Guys, you will shred unwanted fat, become lean, increase your strength, endurance and explosive power and get a ripped physique.

Join me for a full body sculpting workout and nutrition plan that when followed guarantees sensational results - and get the body you have always wanted - and have fun in the process.......So do not wait to get incredible results. Do it now. Timing will never be perfect.

Vital Living Fitness & Health Program
  • Get ready for summer with my signature 12 week FIT BODY workout. Choose from 4 week or 8 week or 12 week options and join at a time to suit. 

  • Suitable for all levels  of fitness - Everyone can participate at his or her own level, so it doesn’t matter what shape you’re in…

  • Your training environment will be fun, positive and supportive.

  • Numbers will be strictly limited to ensure full attention to all. (Minimum x 6)

  • Results Guaranteed! If you are beginning and you want to see it in the mirror results or if you’re already training and want to vastly improve you’re running, cycling, multisport or triathlons – then this is for you.

  • The best part is the cost – If you bring a friend(s) its only $39/week ($59/week if on your own),for 3 sessions/week for 12 weeks - plus a one off registration fee of $50 which includes a full assessment before, and after and complete nutritional advice to ensure the best results.

  • Don’t wait to get incredible results. Timing will never be perfect.


Vital Living Fitness & Health Program

The Little Black Dress / Buff Dudes Black T- Shirt Project

You will completely TRANSFORM your body inside and out. You will be able to celebrate being a strong and sexy. Challenge yourself – push yourself – with my signature 12 week FIT BODY sculpting workout and get the body you have always wanted and have fun in the process. 

Fit into that sexy black dress, become a lot lighter and become a fit, strong, and confident woman or a buff ripped dude who looks great and is full of energy in the next 8 weeks……


So if you want real - see it in the mirror results, feel awesome and look great at your social outing book now and don’t wait to get incredible results. Timing will never be perfect .

Get this party started now!

This is all about massive fat loss, body toning, belly flattening, and toned arms, legs and butt and working out together 3 days/week. Look forward to celebrate being a strong and sexy with sensational results.


And then celebrate at the end at our special The Little Black Dress/Buff Dudes Black T- Shirt Party

Vital Living Fitness & Health Program
Vital Living Fitness & Health Program



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