As you age without regular fitness and attention to health your body literally slows down as your metabolism slows and we get tired, overweight and sluggish. – that is unless you move your body effectively.


These workouts do  just that. They get you moving. And one of the best results is the massive fat loss results and strength building that my clients are getting is due to the Metabolic Burn effect that my workouts produce. Metabolic Burn is the state of increased metabolic output (including Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) - a physiological measure of the oxygen used in excess of what you would require after exercising), that burns at least twice as many as calories as normal for up to 28 hours after my workouts. Recent research states that these types of exercises are up to 9 times more effective than standard training.


They are also different because they are based on the Vital Living mind body and spirit integration of health, fitness, self and relationships such as Vital Breathing and Sun Salutations, Anchoring and other NLP techniques. This enables fast weight loss and muscle, strength and endurance development. These workouts especially target the core and abs, thighs, butt and upper body.


You will be able to hike, run, ski, swim or cycle better and faster – and you will be able to enjoy the pleasures of life..  In addition, you will do so injury free.


And best of all you can do them anywhere – at home, on the beach or in the park and in only 20 – 30 minutes day. You will get the body you want, wear the clothes you dream of and enjoy an active lifestyle every day of your life – at any age! 



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Whether you want to melt fat - fast, unlock your vital energy or improve your health, Vital Living’s program is the answer for you. It combines our unique training philosophy that combines mind, body and spirit.  It is also a functional combination of cardio and strength exercises that targets the butt, thighs and tummy that anyone can try.


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28 day Fat Furnace Meal Plan

Many of us have tried diets over the years which often fail because they leave us hungry, slow our metabolism and severely restrict us from eating what we want.

Lets keep it simple and easy - and more importantly, enjoyable.  After all, food and even alcohol (in moderation) are some of the things in life to enjoy.  It’s all about balance.

Your metabolism is the key to health. The higher it is the healthier and more vibrant you will be. And our food is our tool to live, which means that food needs to be vital and still full of life when we eat it.


Vital Living Nutrition is based on the principle “Vitafit”. That is keeping your metabolism as high as possible by consumimg foods that have vital energy, doing regular exercise and taking time out to nourish your body and soul. It’s time to enjoy food again and still have a great looking body!


Note: As the Seven Point 2 supplements as shown in the plan are no longer avaiable please substitue them with Ringana


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Power Passion Vitality - Forever                     

Inspired by Dennis' life and his lifelong search for balance between body and spirit, and by the research and learning he has gained through his life experiences, this book originally released in paperback, offers you the secrets of how you can live a life full of Power Passion and Vitality.


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