Your Fit Body Workout Small Group Training


All levels of fitness – go at your own pace!

  • Everyone can participate at their own level so it doesn’t matter what shape you’re in…

  • Get together with some mates to make up a team.

  • Does your Club need Sports Specific Training?

  • Do you need a WORKPLACE WELLNESS Program which can include Training and/or Wellness WorkShops/Seminars to increase motivation, health and results?

  • For best results health and fitness program trainings are recommended at least three times a week and developed in minimum of 12 weeks blocks. You choose the time and location.


What you get

  • All the benefits of a Private VIP One on One Personal Fitness Training Session in a private group.

  • On demand to suit your schedule, Specialist Private Workout/Training Sessions for Individual Groups, Workplaces, Organizations, Sports Teams and Cyclists, Runners, Skiers and Multiport etc..

  • One of the best ways to improve your performance and achieve your goals is to train with a like-minded group on a regular basis.

  • Train smarter – not harder. There is strength in numbers. And team work gets results...

  • You will train in a semi private small group personal training setting with strictly limited participants, and be motivated with other like- minded participants.

  • Most importantly you will get close attention throughout.

  • Develop fitness, strength and confidence in a fun and supportive environment.

Vital Living Fitness & Health Program
Vital Living Fitness & Health Program

Everyone who joins in will revitalize their bodies, experience more confidence than ever before, and supercharge their levels of energy - GUARANTEED.

Contact me now or fill in the Registration form with your wishes to arrange your personalized training sessions and to choose your own times and location.


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