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Keys to Superior Fitness Over 50

Superior fitness and stamina don’t just happen, especially once we reach middle age. It becomes more challenging to attain, under the mountain of other responsibilities and issues that come up and steal our attention.

Even so, we are creating our lives every day based on our thoughts and feelings, so looking at the challenges and breathing into and through them reminds you of their true nature as clues to your awareness and health, not obstacles. Challenges are what we are made for. Do not try to ‘get through’ your challenges. Instead, breathe into them, accept them fully as your learning experience and take what they give you.

While it begins with your thoughts, superior fitness can only be reached once thoughts have transformed into action. Any body can transform their body at any age – it just takes the decision to do so and see it through and enjoy the process. Find a way to move your body that you enjoy and pursue that action. It doesn’t have to be something that you have ever done before. Get everything you can out of the hobbies and sports you enjoy. If you appreciate the value of a good work out routine, find a good program and stick with it. No matter what you choose, be it yoga or canoeing, put as much movement as you can into your days and enjoy it.

Living life in the present helps keep you grounded and able to take life’s situations one at a time and with awareness that you have a part to play in your life and in where you find yourself, and you step up. Getting to know yourself means learning your body’s cues, sensitivities and imbalances and correcting them.

It is your responsibility. No one else can do it for you. The answers are there if you just look for them and take action. If you want superior fitness, it requires allowing yourself to let go of the outdated beliefs about yourself that keep you stuck in the past.

Part of getting older is the ability to appreciate what other people offer in this world. When we are younger, we are more self-absorbed, more ego-centric. Age and experience do bring wisdom, and with it respect for those who came before us, in a sense that is deeper and more connected with what it means to be human. Our healthy self-awareness and personal evolution is key in continuing a superior level of activity and fitness as we age. We don’t even have to settle for mediocre. We can achieve anything!

We can reach a level of activity and vibrancy that is remarkable.

It starts within and spreads outward.

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Your body will only keep on working for you on your behalf, tolerating what you give it, taking in what you provide, and responding to those commands and to that nourishment, be it good or bad. You only have one body – isn’t time to look after it?

Yet another day passes, another year goes by – don’t hesitate -= take action today. Don’t become a statistic – don’t let lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems, alzheimer’s and so on.

The keys to superior fitness after 40 rest in your own hands, for what you feed your spirit, your relationships and your health , will determine what you are creating for yourself in your life today and in the future.

Choose well.

Become fit over 50 and love it!


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